Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Citation Season!

As we wind down to the end of fall semester, many of you are scrambling to get that bibliography, references list, or other citations in the bag. While there are citation generators on the web that perform tasks like this, many of them are flawed and do the job poorly (and I've even had an instructor vehemently proclaim her hatred of them in front of the class). However, they can get you in the door. An excellent and very credible online guide for APA and MLA styles is the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) which has accurate examples of styles.

Keep this in mind, the whole point of citing something is merely to make your sources as available as possible. When you make a statement in writing (like a term paper), your writing is so strong and arguments are so effective, that you want your readers to read your sources and summarily gnash their teeth when they confirm what you knew all along -that your position is unassailable and brilliant.

Most important: don't forget that your library has the authoritative sources on all writing styles that are extremely credible and we can help you use them!