Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My secret identity

I am a NERD. I don’t deny this, in fact I occasionally boast about it much to the chagrin of my academic colleagues. There is nothing wrong with knowing who Jessica Drew is in the Marvel Universe, but it does help if occasionally I can back up my knowledge with a little research. So today I am introducing my Marvel Universe to my libraries Reference Universe.

Reference Universe is a great place to begin research and contains links to thousands of works online and in our library. The interface allows you to do a search of authoritative reference works in specialized, subject encyclopedias. I could look into genetic engineering, spiders, or gamma radiation and find multiple resources. Better still are the links and call numbers that will take me right to the resource of my choice.

Something that gets me as excited as I am about the upcoming Avengers movie is responsible research and Reference Universe is the perfect place to start doing just that. Far too often I see Wikipedia being used as a primary source. This makes me angry and I don’t think you’d like to see me when I'm ANGRY!

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