Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Books!? Still?

Despite the vast open spaces of the internet, I still believe in the strength of a well edited book. Mind you, the book can be an e-book, if you have recently departed from the physical world of knowledge and information. A really hot hobby these days is digital photography with everything from phones to toasters taking pictures (I'm quite convinced, anyway). Everyone from BBC to CNN are accepting amateur images for news stories and my favorite site flickr.com is a runaway hit. So how can you can amazing pictures from your $100 camera? Let's check the library catalog (and this will work for just about any library catalog, not just our academic library).

Go straight for the "subjects" button, which refers to categories the book may fall under. Ours are assigned by the Library of Congress and can give you a good collection of materials to look at. Type in "photography" as a subject heading (not subject keyword) and you'll get the complete list of your library's collection. You'll see a lot of subject subheadings, but we want to move ahead a few page listings until we get into Photography -- Digital (in our case, it is Photography -- Digital techniques). Click on that subject, sort your entries by publication date so the newest stuff is showing up at the top of the list, and start browsing. In our library many of these books are e-books and can be seen off campus if you sign into my.utah.edu first (just to prove you're one of us!).

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