Thursday, March 5, 2009

Historic Flickr!

There's a great deal of historic stuff out on the these days. Our very own Marriott Library is experimenting with posting a few of our special collections greats. While there are the big names like the Library of Congress posting away there, Flickr has created a catch-all site for you to peruse called The Commons for you to see many of the players. There's a bunch of great media to peruse and it is all open to public access. The beauty of many of these images is their inherent freedom to copy. These aren't copyrighted, in other words, but meant to be used as part of our national historic heritage by all of us. There's a neat civics lesson in there somewhere!

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Circe said...

This is excellent; just what I've needed (more sources to comb through, that is) for a draft I've not yet posted on my blog...

Thanks to initially finding Adriana's profile, I've found your great blogsite.

So, in that light, even though your blog is not necessarily geared towards such, I have TAGGED her, and therefore you all!

Perhaps you could pool and poll your collective consciousness and go for it!