Friday, January 16, 2009

Inauguration, News, and Newspapers

You may have been hiding under a rock lately, or you may have been kidnapped by aliens, or maybe you just don't have access to any kind of news or internet sources--wait, then you wouldn't be able to read this--but in case you've not heard the news, the U.S. will be swearing in its first African American president, Barack Obama, on January 20th.

I decided to see what information I could find on inaugural events that are going on.

If you didn't know, the Senate actually puts on a parade and balls for the inauguration. I did a quick Google search and found their website with all the cool events well as a list of contraband people can't take with them to the actual inaugural speech.

Check it out:

But to give you a little more information about who and what the news is buzzing about for the inauguration, I decided to check out one of the libraries newspaper databases, Proquest Newspaper. This is a large database with both large national and international newspapers as well as local coverage. It seemed like a good way to get a broad look at all the views about the inauguration.

I went over to the library's website and clicked on Article Databases & More to get to an alphabetical list of the library's database. Click on "P" for Proquest got me to the right page where I could select the database I wanted to search.

I did a quick search for 2009 inauguration...

And got 26 articles about my topic from everywhere from England to New York, Washington, North Carolina, and many more. All of them reporting on slightly different opinions and ideas about the inauguration.

Lots of fun reading, and not as time-consuming as a book.

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