Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's new in Zoo?

Working with animal-specific research? A great database to try is Zoological Record that will have animal related journals, books (even conference proceedings) talking about, biochemistry, behavior, ecology, evolution, genetics, and so on. In conservation circles, there's always a relation between people and animals. I did a search, "congo and war and gorilla*" (the star catches 'gorilla' and 'gorillas') and found a great reference to my topic in a longitudinal view over decades of war and relative peace in the region ( Gorillas in the Crossfire: Population dynamics...Over the Past Three Decades. ) While we at the Marriott Library don't have full-text access to this particular article, don't forget that Inter-Library Loan almost always does and can get it to you in just a few days!
See this database at: www.lib.utah.edu > article databases & more > Z > Zoological Record

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