Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hoover's -no, not the vacuum

Intended for the business and marketing set, Hoover's Online is actually pretty interesting to cruise through for the uninitiated too. This valuable database gives you access to information on over 25 million corporations and organizations,( according to Hoover's 'about us' site). You can see company information, but you can also search for people, or browse particular industries. Let's take a look for George Lucas and see what there is to find -if you're a UofU student and logged into My.Utah.Edu then click this link for a canned search and follow along!. -Don't forget, this and all of our databases can be accessed at www.lib.utah.edu > article databases.

The top hits have Mr. Lucas in the obvious places, LucasArts, LucasFilm, etc. Near the bottom of the list you'll also notice that Mr. Lucas as the owner of Bunk Bed World -probably not the same fella, so be aware of that when searching. Click on Lucasfilm Ltd. next. Here's a rich record of the company information including, address/phone/web address, company overview, key info (like other names, year of founding, etc.), key people (like CEO, chairman, VP's and the like), and links to more industry information and Lucasfilm's competitors. Neat!

And this all ties us beautifully into a youtube clip that I randomly found for your viewing pleasure:

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