Friday, August 8, 2008

Shaking Off The Vacation

I just got back from a vacation and a week-long conference. Conferences seem to be part and parcel of the professional world. It's where you find out who's doing what research, what advances are being made in a field, and also where serious networking happens.

But it got me thinking...I know which organizations represent my profession, my hobbies, my interests, but does everyone?

Knowing your local, regional, national, international organizations can tell you a lot about your field before you even join the profession. You know what the major issues and concern of that field are, websites to find more information, important people in the field.

It also tells you where and when conferences are. (Hey, it's ALL about the networking! No, really.)

So, how do you know which organizations are important to your field? You guessed it. We have a database for that. If you've been on this blog for more than five minutes, you're shocked, I know.

The database in question? Encyclopedia of Associations.

But here's how you get to that database. Head on over to the Marriott Library homepage and click on Article Databases & More. From there, you want to click on the E under Select Database by Title, and then scroll down the alphabetical list of databases that appears until you can click on Encyclopedia of Associations.

There are a lot of ways to search for associations in the database. By name, by location, by topic or subject. Each entry tells you the kind of organization it is and the contact information for the association.

Good luck with all your future networking!

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